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Beijing Purple Royal Palace

[Global Stone classic project] Purple Royal Washington top of the top luxury Asian luxury home.
April 24, Hurun Report released "2015 Asia's top ten Seiko Famous" to the city park real estate model known as the purple imperial government, in Beijing many luxury projects come to the fore, among the list. Purple Royal Washington is located in Beijing North Fifth Ring Road Anli Road, dominated the Olympic core, Yong enjoy 680 hectares of Olympic Forest Park, the park to build more than ten meters of waterfalls, full crown transplant finished product tree, pick the world rare material, Is Jinli real estate carefully built scarce mansion.
Global stone to seize precious stone, with its meticulous process to meet the Purple Royal Washington on the ultimate taste of life requirements, to promote it to become a violet Royal Washington excellent suppliers, together to create a lasting collection of a hundred years.