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The Biggest Blue-Green Mine Owner

Chengde Hande Stone Co., Ltd is a solely owned subsidiary of Universal Marble &Granite Group Co., Ltd. Established in 1998, it owns seven high-quality marble mines. The mines are located in Jiashan Town, Chengde County of Chengde City, belonging to eastern section of Yanshan Mountain, Jiashan--Panlong Mountain with 420 meter of average altitude. It is at the transitional zone from warm temperate zone to cold temperate zone. The mine is located 45 km southeast of Chende Downtown, with convenient transportation: only 2 km away from Chengping road and 40 km away from Jingcheng highway.

Hande Stone Co., Ltd is the enterprise in Chende County with richest mineral materials. According to the data released from local government, Hande Stone Co., Ltd occupies 2.08 sq km area in Jiashan mine, accounting for 34.3% of the total area. It owns 19.9 million cubic meters of reserves, accounting for 80% of the total high-quality resources. The company, the largest one and with most mining capability, has production capability of 40,000 cubic meters of stone block annually.

Hande Stone Co., Ltd is prolific, with less defective products and high big material rate up to 40%. The exclusive stone products of Hande Stone, like “BLUE LEOPARD”, “YANSHAN GREEN (CHENGDE GREEN)”, “DESERT GREEN” have been widely used on many classic projects like National Grand Theater, Russian Opera House, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport etc.